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Modern cockroach control methods will ensure long term and comprehensive relief.


It is said that cockroach is the only organism that can survive in the event of a nuclear holocaust. Its genetic structure has resisted mutation for centuries and makes it very resilient. Not a very encouraging thing to hear if your home is swarming with cockroaches. They are one of the most common domestic pests and can be found in every nook and corner of your home. Be it your kitchens or the bathroom, cockroaches take a special liking for every spot.

More than fear

Cockroaches have baffled housewives for ages. Not only do they look shabby inside your home, but even their mere sight can give jitters to people! Kastaridaphobia or the fear of cockroach is known all over the world. But, cockroaches don’t only bring fear with them. They are a major hygiene issue and can lead to various diseases in your home. They have a habit of sneaking up into your food that makes them objectionable guests. Their sudden appearance from unexpected corners in your home also cuts a sorry figure in front of your hosts and can be an embarrassing affair. You can empty cans of insecticides to control these irritating little pests but to little avail.

Decoding the invasion

Traditional pest control methods offer only temporary relief from cockroaches. It is important to adopt a holistic approach for controlling the spread of these irritating pests. Professional pest control service is a must if you want to get rid of cockroaches in your home. The professionals look at various aspects like the entry point of cockroaches and their reproduction cycle. After estimating the extent of cockroach infestation in your home they decide on the most suitable approach for checking the growth of cockroaches.

Fogging is one of the most effective methods of pest control in Sydney. It releases a thin film of pesticide into the air that chokes the cockroaches to death. However, it may damage your furniture and fabric if not administered correctly. Gel baits are also highly effective against cockroaches and can be mixed with food items. However, the choice of the control method is best left to the expert. Cockroach Control services will help you in getting rid of cockroaches without waiting for a nuclear warfare!

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